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About iCEINT

Dir.: Jean-Yves Bottero (CNRS, CEREGE)

Dir. asociated: Jérôme Rose (CNRS, CEREGE), Antoine Thill (CEA, LIONS Saclay), Mélanie Auffan (CEREGE, CEINT steering comitee member)

The main objective of the Groupement de Recherche international (GdRi) iCEINT (international Consortium for the Environmental Implication of Nanotechnology) is to responds to the challenge of relating a vast array of nanomaterial properties to their potential environmental exposure, biological effects, and ecological consequences. Rather than approach this daunting task on an exhaustive case-by-case basis, our vision is to elucidate the general principles that determine nanoparticle behavior and translate this knowledge into the language of risk assessment to provide guidance in addressing existing and future concerns surrounding the environmental implications of nanomaterials.

To accomplish the objectives, we will draw on a core of internationally recognized leadership (US and French) in five areas of expertise:

  1. environmental toxicology and ecosystem biology ;
  2. nanomaterial transport, transformation, and fate in the environment ;
  3. biogeochemistry of nanomaterials ;
  4. nanomaterial chemistry and fabrication ;
  5. environmental risk assessment and modeling.

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